20 agosto 2017


As the helicopter approached the target, Cathy was now working two phones at the same time from her office in Matosinhos.

-Diz ao piloto que é a clareira onde está o pano vermelho... é a albarda do burro...

It was funny this triangulation - Peter thought - from the Paraguaian jungle to Matosinhos and then back to the Paraguaian jungle, via Buenos Aires. It was up to Lopez to close the triangle. He was an experienced pilot.

The helicopter circled around for three minutes, one-hundred feet above the ground. Peter, holding a lion with his right hand, a tiger with the left, was ready for any surprise. He kept dispatching instructions to Cathy, while Castro stunned at the scene:

-Primeiro sai o Presidente com o estojo da Branca... a seguir o Julio ... e  só depois a Branca...O piloto fica no helicóptero...Diz-lhe para estar preparado para levantar voo daqui a duas horas...

As the helicopter touched the ground and the doors opened, President De Susa emerged smiling and holding a large parcel in his hands, followed by Magellan with a big TV camera, and then, Branca.

This was the moment Castro had been waiting for so long. When he looked at Branca, one could say,  for a moment at least, that he was the happiest donkey the world has ever seen.

Peter Throw took the box from the President's hands and opened it carefully. Then he gracefully placed two beautiful, pink-coloured, laces around Branca's neck.

Fifteen minutes later, while the three man were still embracing and chatting, Castro and Branca discreetly left the party, walking slowly together, small-kissing each other, heading for the jungle.

Peter looked at them, and smiled.

-Branca is really a true Portuguese beauty,

he said to the President.

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