30 julho 2014

políticas monetárias expansionistas aumentam a desigualdade

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has said the central bank's goal is "to help Main Street not Wall Street," and many liberal commentators seem convinced that she is advancing that goal. But talk to anyone on Wall Street. If they are being frank, they'll admit that the Fed's loose monetary policy has been one of the biggest contributors to their returns over the past five years. Unwittingly, it seems, liberals who support the Fed are defending policies that boost the wealth of the wealthy but do nothing to reduce inequality.


2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

É preciso explicar que "liberals" nos EUA significa esquerda.
Na realidade, os liberais sempre foram de esquerda. Só em Portugal é que são de "direita".

Vivendi disse...

Bem lembrado pelo PA.