12 agosto 2017


In his quest to put all the Portuguese people in jail so that only the caste would be saved,  Tony Meadow soon was taking fast and decisive action.

Three quarters of the population of Girls' Sale were indicted for traffic of human beings.

Fourty-four men were arrested and kept in custody at the village of Dick for public display of sexual material

The entire female population of  Single Females was subject to terms of identity and residence for violent protests against the new divorce laws.

Fifty-two men were arrested at Dick's Sale for traffic of body parts.

At Jews Valley magistrate Meadow intended to arrest all the people for racial discrimination. He found nobody to arrest. The prison guards were saved because, as public servants, they were members of the caste, even though - as Meadow reminded them - the lowest level of the caste.

In Love and Passion, two-hundred-fifty-one massage parlours were closed for prostitution. More than three thousand people were indicted.

In Traseiros - a small village near Oliveira de Azemeis, internationally known as Butts -, one hundred-twenty-five women were arrested and given the electronic bracelet in the first case of female sexual harassment conducted by Meadow.

At Crucifix all churches were closed and the entire population sued for religious discrimination.

The village of Fat Dick  saw its entire adult male population under provisional arrest for obesity.

One hundred meters ahead, turning left,  prosecutor Meadow arrived in Balls. He could not  find any, not even his own. No charges were laid.

A month later, Meadow sent a team of ASAE inspectors to Female-swine Sale. One-hundred-twelve sanitary conditions prescribed by law were not met at the sale. When Tony received the ASAE report in his office of Matosinhos, he added two more crimes: Sexual discrimination, because no male swines were found on sale; and religious discrimination, because no muslims and jews could be found among the buyers.

At the same time, another ASAE team was sent to Dirty Bed, a small village in the municipality of Alhandra, near Lisbon, known to the Portuguese as Cama Porca. All beds were checked for cleanless. All failed the ASAE tests. All the population was indicted.

One week later, in Daisy Land,  a small place near Lousã which the Portuguese call Terra da Gaja, magistrate Meadow arrested an old, moustachoed woman, for sexual discrimination. Maximum prison sentence: five years.

Soon thereafter, magistrate Tony Meadow would call a press conference to announce that his first intermediate goal was achieved. An entire Portuguese village, formerly full of people and life, was now called Desert.

The press conference was followed by a modest celebration dinner, attended by 356 members of the caste, at the Poors' Marisqueira in Matosinhos.

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