03 junho 2008

would never

Reader M. Santos saw my previous post as evidence that I feel misunderstood by the Portuguese people. Quite the contrary. The whole point of the post is my acknowledgement that, on one particular point at least, I did not understand the Portuguese people until very recently.

The generalization given by M. Santos to his comment, and the fact that one of my latest posts referred to Blasfémias, led me to think he was implicitly referring also to my participation in that Blog which ended with my departure six months later.

If that is so, I must say that, as with the CAP episode, I never felt misunderstood at Blasfémias. Actually, people like JCD, HM, CAA and Gabriel understood me too well. They understood very early that if I were to remain in Blasfémias they would never be able to sell their readers the orthodoxy they were trying to sell. Thus, the pressure they put on me to leave.

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