03 março 2018

Joana d'Arc

The Criminal Activity series:

Peter Throw's trial has just begun but a lot of questions are already flying around among journalists covering the event.

Of particular curiosity to the press is a mysterious female-witness.

She didn't show up yet at the trial, as she is supposed to be the last witness to testify.

Her name is Faty Peartree.

-Who is Faty Peartree...?,

they ask aggressively,

-Who is that woman who dares to fight alone the Fourhouses armada of witnesses?... who is that woman!?...

Very little is known about her.

Some rumors say that she is a former student of Peter Throw...


one journalist asked, as he could not believe it.

His colleagues immediately followed with a barrage of intriguing questions:

-Is she also contaminated by Throw's foolishness, like elder Castro...?

-Is she an inmate at a psychiatric institution too...?

-Will doctors allow her to come out to testify...?

Nobody is sure. But one thing is for certain.

The press has already decided that this trial has a hero - and a female hero at that.

They are calling her Joana d'Arc.

The Joana d'Arc of Littlebushes.

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