17 outubro 2017

on Fire

From his office in Matosinhos - a small Portuguese city internationally known as Little Bushes -, after thoughtful consideration and careful analysis of the World map, prosecutor Tony Meadow concluded that the incendiary terrorists who over the last four months assembled in Portugal, and stayed there for Summer vacations,  could come only from two places in the World: Fire Island and Land of Fire.

This was specially the case of those incendiary criminals who set up the fires in the small village of Holy Cross of the Bishop in whose investigations Meadow had been personally involved.

In the affidavit submitted to instruction-judge Cathy Littleriver he wrote: "Only  these people are born on fire, live on fire and die on fire. They are permanently on fire. They are fire natives and fire professionals. We must issue rogatory letters to the Governments of Cape Green and Argentina to question them all".

"Moreover - Meadow added with remarkable logic - Land of Fire was discovered by Magellan. Now, Magellan is the name of the school computer introduced in Portugal by ex-prime-minister Joe Socrates after he visited Finland.
Therefore, these incendiary terrorists are related to him and to banker Rick Salted in Operation Marquis. The fact that Finland is in the North Pole and Land of Fire is in the South Pole is only a disguise made up by indicted Socrates to divert the investigations.
Corruption in the Lisbon Government and fires in the Portuguese villages are one and the same thing and both should be treated as such in this hyper-mega-criminal-investigation which, accordingly, should be renamed as Operation Marquis on Fire."

Instruction-judge Cathy Littleriver signed below.

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