01 setembro 2017


When the news hit the wires the world was amazed. A special forces team of criminal investigators from the Portuguese Public Ministry, headed by President De Susa himself, had found Peter Throw in a compound, hidden in the Latin-American jungle.

In the first video released by Oporto Channel, and transmitted across the world, one could see President De Susa and Peter Throw, seating in the jungle, discussing the last football match between Portugal and the Faroe Islands, which the Portuguese won 5-1, with an incredible first goal scored by Christian Ronald.

Portugal was now a country full of Christian Ronalds, the President said to Throw. He himself was the Christian Ronald of Presidents, and the most frenetically talkative of all, as had been recently recognized by his own predecessor.

He even had invited for the Portuguese State Council the Christian Ronald of fiscal lawyers, Tony Wolf. Since then, the State Council had paid no more IRC and all the individual members of the Council had seen their personal income taxes reduced by an average of 75%.

How nice it was now - the President was heard saying to Throw - to have seating in the Portuguese State Council a man determined to make sure that no Portuguese celebrity - starting with Christian Ronald himself - would ever pay taxes to the Portuguese State and to all States around the world.

In Argentina, newspaper La Nación immediately reported in its online editon "Los lusos encontráran a Peter Throw". By that time,  CNN had already assembled a team  of  experts to discuss the headlines "Peter Throw found!".  How could the Portuguese find in ten months Peter Throw - the American experts wondered - if the United States had taken ten years to find Osama bin Laden?

President Donald Trump was tweeting to his son-in-law and congratulating him for the success of their joint investments in Russia, when he heard the news. Thinking Peter Throw was a dangerous ISIS terrorist, and a risk to American security, he immediately tweeted the US air-force command in Virginia to send six planes and bomb the compound.

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