27 janeiro 2016

a Holanda tem o melhor sistema de saúde da Europa So what are the Dutch doing right?

It has to be emphasized that the following discussion does contain a substantial amount of speculation outside of what can actually be derived from the EHCI scores:
The NL is characterized by a multitude of health insurance providers acting in competition, and being separate from caregivers/hospitals. Also, the NL probably has the best and most structured arrangement for patient organisation participation in healthcare decision and policymaking in Europe.
Also, the Dutch healthcare system has addressed one of its few traditional weak spots – Accessibility – by setting up 160 primary care centres which have open surgeries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Given the small size of the country, this should put an open clinic within easy reach for anybody.
Here comes the speculation: one important net effect of the NL healthcare system structure would be that healthcare operative decisions are taken, to an unusually high degree, by medical professionals with patient co-participation. Financing agencies and healthcare amateurs such as politicians and bureaucrats seem farther removed from operative healthcare decisions in the NL than in almost any other European country. This could in itself be a major reason behind the NL victory in the EHCI 2008 – 2015.

Comentário: Na Holanda, amadores, como políticos e burocratas, estão afastados dos processos de decisão.

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José Lopes da Silva disse...

Porque isso é que os holandeses preferem ter filhos em Portugal.