05 novembro 2015

salários baixos

Salários baixos são o preço que os médicos têm de suportar por um NHS (SNS do RU) "gratuito".

Hospital doctors are right: they are not paid enough. This is one of the few issues on which I agree with Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist comrades. But the doctors are wrong to blame the Tories and must resist the urge to back a strike, a cruel and selfish act that would hurt our society’s most vulnerable in the run-up to Christmas.

What the Left and some of the younger doctors, sadly, do not grasp is that the problem is the National Health Service itself: it is broken beyond repair, short of cash and talent, an obsolete monopoly that works neither for its consumers (as yet another OECD report has confirmed) nor for its staff. It is unable to provide us with the level of personalised, responsive care we increasingly require and expect, and it is incapable of paying its staff enough.

The crisis is structural and inevitable with a “free” service. There is too much demand and too little supply; and no mechanism other than rationing, queuing, reduced quality and artifical cost suppression to reconcile the two. The UK’s hospital doctors have fallen victim of the latter force: they earn far less than the global rate, an unsustainable situation in an increasingly international medical marketplace.

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Harry Lime disse...


O objectivo de um NHS não é enriquecer os médicos... Se os médicos ganham mal que vão para o sector financeiro (que é o que toda a gente quer fazer no UK)

Rui Silva

Josand disse...

2746 euros para inicio de carreira dum médico parece-lhe pouco?