23 março 2015

uma crise de humanidade

When we talk about the humanitarian crisis in Greece today – and we have been talking about it a lot recently – we link it exclusively to poverty. We lament the plight of migrants, for example, but the abhorrent terms of their detention are no worse than the conditions under which they are forced to work every day, for years and years. We keep inventing enemies and new conspiracy theories, such as the Europeans who are trying to impose their will on us. We are recreating the conditions that led to the split of society and civil war. Fear alone should be making us ask ourselves what’s going on both around and inside us. Police searching the poultry farm in Achaia found 1.5 million euros. Nevertheless, what we are experiencing is a crisis, which is mainly one of humanity.


Comentário: Por que é que não me ocorreu esta perpectiva? A crise que atravessamos é sobretudo uma crise de humanidade. Sem dúvida.

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Rui Alves disse...

Para chegar a essa brilhante conclusão não precisa de ler o Ekathimerini online. Basta-lhe escutar as homilias de alguns sacerdotes que conheço. Os bacanos do Ekathimerini descobriram agora aquilo que a Igreja vem advertindo há mais de uma década, quando as nuvens da crise ainda estavam para lá do horizonte.