22 março 2015

ensinamento milenar

The philosopher Confucius was not a holy man in the model of the great prophets. He was mostly interested in good public administration, and had a brilliant early career as a high minister in the state of Lu before resigning in 497 BC.
Duke Ai asked Yu Zo: “It has been a year of famine and there are not enough revenues to run the state. What should I do?”
Zo said: “Why can’t you use a 10% tax?”
The Duke answered: “I can’t even get by on a 20% tax, how am I going to do it on 10%?”
Zo said: “If the people have enough, what prince can be in want? If the people are in want, how can the prince be satisfied?
Traduzindo: "Se o povo tiver o suficiente, que príncipe pode passar necessidades? Se o povo passar necessidades, como pode o príncipe estar satisfeito?

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Bmonteiro disse...

Pode sim senhor, estar satisfeito.
Basta ter o cofre cheio, talvez.
Pois, o cofre cheio.