03 julho 2018

Em Espanha

Em Espanha, a sociedade de advogados Cuatrecasas acaba de contratar um juiz do Supremo para os seus quadros (cf. aqui).

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José Lopes da Silva disse...

"Formula 1's top teams are set to confront the FIA amid growing concerns its former F1 technical chief Marcin Budkowski could be taking their secrets to Renault.

The prospect of Renault hiring Budkowski was brought up in a meeting of top teams including Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull (...) Sources have suggested teams are so angry about Budkowski being free to join a competitor only months after leaving the FIA, that they plan to add the matter to the next [meeting] (...) One senior source at a team said: "This is all about trust. We need to talk with the FIA about how we go forward from here, because we cannot give out information if there is a chance other teams can get hold of it. (...)