06 março 2016

a scapular

God gave you to me and made you my vocation,” read a letter dated March 31, 1976 (...).

He called her “a gift from God.”

You write about being torn apart,” he wrote on Sept. 10, 1976. “I could find no answer to these words.” He added, “If I didn’t have this conviction, some moral certainty of grace, and of acting in obedience to it, I would not dare act like this.”
Edward Stourton, the lead journalist behind the BBC report,  reported on Monday, without specifying his source, that Dr. Tymieniecka had professed her love in a letter written from Krakow in the summer of 1975.
It is not clear if John Paul responded, but he visited her and her family the next year, during a trip in which he spoke at Harvard. In the letter dated Sept. 10, 1976, he wrote: “Last year I was trying to find an answer to the words, ‘I belong to you.’ Finally, before leaving Poland, I found a way — a scapular.”

O que é que iria no espírito do Papa João Paulo II (então, ainda Arcebispo de Cracóvia)?

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Camisa disse...

"I still believe that God is the creator, the first cause of all that exists. I still believe that He lives today, in some form, directing the destinies of the cosmos. How can I reconcile this idea with my scientific method? It is of course an unanswerable question. However, for the time being I shall accept the solution offered by Kant: that man can go only so far in his research and explanations; from that point on we must accept God. What is unknown to man, God knows"

Ensaio de Richard Nixon na faculdade, Memoirs of Richard Nixon

Basto disse...

É natural que sejam publicadas mais notícias semelhantes a esta nos próximos tempos. Tudo isto faz parte de uma estratégia de banalização da missão papal, bem como da vocação sacerdotal em geral, com o objetivo de preparar as mentes católicas para as mudanças protestantes que se querem introduzir. É a máquina maçónica clerical a funcionar e com resultados à vista, a velha luta entre o humanismo franco-maçónico e o catolicismo. A vitória será efémera.

O Padre Pio foi alvo de ataques semelhantes de difamação, foi acusado de andar metido com várias mulheres, as suas filhas espirituais.