12 dezembro 2015

os inimigos do liberalismo

Ultimately, the capacity of a civilisation to resist those who hate it depends on its self-belief. In Europe, this was expressed in what was called Christendom, enriched by the ideas of the Enlightenment. The founders of the European Union wanted it to give Christendom modern democratic form, but this is now nearly invisible. The leader of the union’s largest Christian Democrat party, Angela Merkel, has let more than a million mainly Muslim immigrants into her country this year alone. The East German pastor’s daughter is surely a much nicer person than Donald J Trump, but I wonder if she is not doing more actual harm to the future of the West.


Comentário: Reparem no cartaz do meio: "Liberalism go to hell". Como liberal, sinto que isto é um grande elogio.

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Anónimo disse...

As simpáticas Catarina Martins, Marisa Matias, Mariana Mortágua e esse guru do Francisco Louçã não estiveram nesta manif?