06 julho 2014

o Verão pendurado

Toda a gente se queixa do tempo. Mesmo aqui em Almoçageme, onde o tempo é aceite como são a idade, a maneira de ser de cada um, o azar e a surpresa da vida – mais a certezinha consoladora da morte –, este Julho não tem passado sem comentário.


There has been a 29 per cent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice compared to this time last year, the equivalent of 533,000 square miles.
In a rebound from 2012's record low, an unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russia's northern shores, days before the annual re-freeze is even set to begin.
The Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific had remained blocked by pack-ice all year, forcing some ships to change their routes.
One ship has now managed to pass through, completing its journey on September 27.
A leaked report to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seen by the Mail on Sunday, has led some scientists to claim that the world is heading for a period of cooling that will not end until the middle of this century.

Ice is not only growing in the South Pole, but in parts of the North Pole, too. And the coldest arctic temperatures in decades have descended upon North America.

But that didn't stop Greenpeace from trying to scare children last month with a video of a sweaty, beleaguered Santa Claus threatening to call off Christmas because the North Pole is melting.


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Anónimo disse...

In a rebound from 2012's record low... bla bla bla

zazie disse...

Onde o tempo é aceite como são a idade, etc?

O MEC escreveu isto?

Anónimo disse...

Fotos do submarino Skate (SSN-578) da marinha norte americana disponíveis no site:


São muito interessantes as que se referem ao Pólo Norte com o registo das respectivas datas em que foram tiradas; se o fotógrafo não tivesses tido cuidado com o ângulo para apanhar gelo, a coisa até poderia parecer que tinha sido feita à beira da ilha do Pessegueiro.