15 abril 2008

is João Miranda of Blasfémias

I believe Rui is quite right in the post below when he says that the greatest difficulty confronting a right-wing, conservative political party in Portugal is the way some self-proclaimed right-wingers look at the Church.

If I were asked to name a single, decisive issue separating right and left I would not hesitate in the answer: the Church. The designations of left and right were an invention of the French Revolution and the French Revolution was essentially a mouvement against the authority of the Church. Therefore, whoever is against the authority of the Church is a a left-winger, regardless of what he or she might say.

Therefore, I am not that surprised at the failure of the political right in Portugal. It is infiltrated by the left. Look at such self-proclaimed right-wing blogs as Atlântico and Blasfémias. The name of this latter blog is quite suggestive and the blasphemies tolerated there are mostly against Catholic Christianism (not, I assure you, against Judaism).
According to my own criterion, then, a lot of the people who write in such blogs are left-wingers and the worst left-wingers of all because they appear disguised as right-wingers. Insurgente has a couple of them too. One of such left-wingers - actually a very decent man and one excellent blogger, despite being a left-winger - is João Miranda of Blasfémias, even though I am persuaded he will change with time.

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