04 fevereiro 2015

Igreja dos Gases com Efeito de Estufa

This concept of specialists unraveling errors created by generalists is eruditely described by climatologist, Tim Ball. It is also inescapably defined as a key issue by the Oxburgh Review. This was the British government's official investigation into the 'Climategate' scandal. It observed that there exists a critical weakness in the science of climatology because it is comprised of generalists. Oxburgh recommended that the errors exposed in Climategate would be better avoided if climatologists were less insular and took on board input from outside experts. Oxburgh identifies the right problem but for the wrong reason. It is not a weakness to be a generalist discipline. Climatology is a generalist discipline and therefore must incorporate the individual pieces studied by specialists. The role of the climatologist is to identify how and where each specialist piece fits. Therefore, at least in this regard, Oxburgh  was correct to identify that climatologists should seek input from outside specialists. As Ball has identified, this would be  especially enlightening if climatologists worked more with physicists skilled in thermodynamics to better ascertain the role of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Comentário: Eis o problema claramente explicado, a climatologia necessita de incorporar especialistas das ciências básicas.

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