25 julho 2014


Of course, in the long run nothing lasts. But history is lived in the here and now. The Soviets had only 70 years, Hitler a mere twelve. Yet it was enough to murder millions and rain ruin on entire continents. Bashar Assad, too, will one day go. But not before having killed at least 100,000 people.
All domination must end. But after how much devastation? And if you leave it to the forces of history to repel aggression and redeem injustice, what’s the point of politics, of leadership, in the first place?
The world is aflame and our leader is on the 14th green. The arc of history may indeed bend toward justice, Mr. President. But, as you say, the arc is long. The job of a leader is to shorten it, to intervene on behalf of “the fierce urgency of now.” Otherwise, why do we need a president? And why did you seek to become ours?

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Euro2cent disse...

"Krauthammer in 2003 wrote that the reconstruction of Iraq would provide many benefits for the Iraqi people"

Se calhar é de o convidar a vir cá substituir o Steps Rabbit, parece um tipo com visão.

Talvez possa começar por um estágio na câmara do Porto, que em Lisboa já estamos servidos de quem rebente com isto tudo, obrigado.