31 dezembro 2013

a física da vida

Thanks to the advent of non-equilibrium Thermodynamics, it is now possible to bridge Thermodynamics and evolutionary Biology. By focusing on entropy, structure and information, it is now possible to shed some light on the relationship between cosmological evolution and biological evolution. Biological phenomena can be viewed as governed by laws that are purely physical. This step might prove as powerful as the synthetic theory of evolution.
Prigogine’s non-equilibrium approach to evolution, i.e. that biological systems (from bacteria to entire ecological systems) are non-equilibrium systems, has become a powerful paradigm to study life in the context of Physics. Life can finally be reduced to a natural phenomenon just like electromagnetism and gravity.
The Austrian physicist Erich Jansch has extended Prigogine’s vision of life to the entire universe: the universe as a gigantic self-organizing system subject to the laws of non-equilibrium thermodynamics.
The American physicist Jeffrey Wicken went as far as to state that "Thermodynamics is above all the science of spontaneous processes", and link life with the expansion of the universe.

Pietro Scaruffi

Comentário: O autor afirma que é agora possível estudar os fenómenos biológicos à luz das leis da física. E que esta abordagem tem tanto potencial como a teoria da evolução. Subscrevo!


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