24 novembro 2008

Dragau au au


The girls were excited reading Dragão's letter from the only available copy ...

Linda Lawrence, the 28 year-old American girl (first from right) seemed to be the most excited of all. A graduate in Latin Literature from John Hopkins University, she understood some Portuguese, although she was not proficient at it ...

Sarah, Joaquim's eldest daughter, was the first to get down to business. She said:

-This is such a marvellous text, with so many beautiful, exquisite, extraordinary words that I suggest we make first a list of them all and then go through the dictionaries and encyclopedias one by one to find out their meanings...

-Good idea. By doing so we can enjoy some economies of scale and scope - PA said in his economics jargon.

As Sarah started to write down the word-list, Linda turned to Joaquim:

-What a fascinating man this is, Dragau ... - she said in her heavy American accent.

-Dragão ..., ão ..., ão... - Joaquim said trying to emphasize the correct phonetics.

-Dragau au au? Oh, what a lovely name that is, Dragau au au... - Linda said, a touch of romantic love in her voice.
(Extract from the 327-page Report of the Working Session held at Joaquim's house on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008, "On the Proper Interpretation of Difficult, Extraordinary and Sublime Words in Dragão's Post 'Aquecimento'", pp. 35-36; see more here and here).

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