07 setembro 2017

sudden idea

E-mail just received from Scotland:

I was here having a lunch break and had the sudden idea "Let me see what the newspapers are saying about what my dad is writing on Modern Portugal". The funny thing is that the newspapers are saying nothing. Absolutely zero.
It is funny that when it comes to matters that are relevant to all Portuguese population the newspapers have zero interest in reporting your claims - not even if these outline the injustices that prevent the paediatric wing from being built. They are certainly reading your posts but choose not to comment.  Does independent journalism without political ties exist back home?

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Anónimo disse...

Caro Professor,

Muito estranho vc fazer a alegação que o Joãozinho era o saco azul do HSJ e ninguém sequer pegar no tema.

Como diz o Hélder Ferreira os nossos jornalistas são um bando de putas, sem querer ofender as meninas que ganham a vida a vender carinho.

Alberto Mendes