17 agosto 2017


A few days before the Portuguese arrival in Buenos Aires,  Peter Throw decided to make a little detour and reached Tukuman, the founding city of Argentina, located in the central northern region of the country.

As he entered the city, he told the donkey:

-Castro... this is your Guimarães!...

But it was not for history that he went there. Instead, he checked in at the Central Post Office, leaving Castro outside the building looking at the passersby.

Three hours later, after waiting in line for a long time, Peter came back with a little parcel in his hand:

-Castro ... I have good news  for you ... and bad news...

Castro looked at him anxiously.

-The good news ... is that Cathy sent me the electronic bracelet...

And, after a moment of silence:

-The bad news, Castro... is that she did not send you the mirandese female-donkey...it was too big to travel in the pilots' cabin...

Castro lowered his head and was so sad that he almost cried. Peter tried to comfort him:

-Listen Castro... I am sorry ... there is nothing I can do... there are times when a male must be a true male... contention, Castro! ... contention is the distinguishing virtue of a true male ... look at the Catholic priests... you must wait, Castro... 

It was in Tukuman that Peter learned from the newspapers of the iminent arrival of the Portuguese armada, headed by President De Susa.

Looking at the donkey, he tried to comfort him again:

-Don't worry, Castro... I'll find a solution... the note that Cathy sent me said that she is already there... anxious to join you... snow white... lovely eyes...a beauty... her name is Branca...

Three days later, as the Portuguese arrived in Buenos Aires, Peter and Castro were in for a long, dangerous journey, heading north through the Latin American jungle.

Meanwhile,  back at the Criminal Instruction Court in Matosinhos, an electronic bracelet was missing and nobody could account for it. The Court had recently received ten units of this expensive device, which were kept in a safe. Six units were given to six arguidos indicted for crimes of theft and heavy corruption. But only three units were left in the safe. A criminal inquiry was opened at the Court.

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